Local communities


Grieg Seafood can affect the local communities in which we operate, both positively and negatively. At the same time, we depend on well-functioning communities and good relations to our neighbors and host municipalities. Positive ripple effects can contribute to a spread in settlement, preservation and establishment of jobs, development of infrastructure and income through taxation. Negative ripple effects can potentially be an increased activity and reduced traffic safety on local roads, noise and unpleasant smells from fish farming and processing, as well as unwanted activity around recreational areas and holiday locations.


We wish to ensure that our activities cause positive ripple effects in our local communities. We will therefore use local suppliers as often as we can. We also wish to allocate funds to local development, especially when it comes to children and youth activities. We will also work to attract new employees locally and will raise awareness of fish farming and the work and development opportunities within our industry.


In 2016, Grieg Seafood has sustained present initiatives in order to create positive ripple effects in our local communities.

Our economic ripple effect in our local communities has several channels, including local jobs within Grieg Seafood, procurement from local suppliers, and sponsoring local initiatives. A particular focus in our Norwegian locations is work towards schools and students to create awareness of the career opportunities in fish farming. In Canada, we collaborate closely with First Nations to protect local natural resources, and at the same time facilitate employment in a sustainable coastal industry. We also actively support research and initiatives in all regions, to promote fish health and marine environments, while at the same time contributing to cultural and social events on-shore. The boxes below present some stories from our local community engagement.


In the future, we will continue to support activities for children and youth, and we will continue to follow up our various initiatives and engagements in the different regions. We will also keep up the work to establish a common approach to secure a continued positive influence on, and good relations with our local communities.