Food safety and quality


Producing high-quality and safe food is our main task. Food safety and quality is of the highest importance to our customers. Salmon producers must be able to verify the quality of the fish from egg to market. The absence of undesirable microorganisms or traces of chemicals and medicines are essential to provide customers with safe food.


We strive to always provide products that meet our customers’ high expectations of quality. This requires full traceability and strict quality control at every stage of the production process. In order to add safety to our approaches, we focus on clear and open communication about our work methods and standards.


Safe food of high quality must present the optimal nutritional value and be free of harmful foreign substances and pathogenic elements. We are subject to an EU-imposed monitoring program for aquaculture based on EU Directive 96/23 EC. This monitors that we stay below recommended maximum values for hazardous substance residues in food. Since the program began in 1998, the levels of residues have remained significantly below the recommended maximum limits for all who participated in the surveillance.

Factbox2To produce safe and high quality food, Grieg Seafood has introduced standards that exceed government demands for quality and traceability. Among other measures, we have attained certification of our production management.

Grieg Seafood Rogaland has been certified according to the extensive GLOBALG.A.P. standard since 2013 and in BC we are certified according to BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) standards, a certification procedure comparable to GLOBALG.A.P. In 2015, Grieg Seafood Shetland Ltd. achieved the GLOBAL G.A.P. certification. In Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS, we got the certification during spring 2016.

Grieg Seafood´s certifications are in accordance with standards covering the entire value chain, and which are being enforced through annual audits and surprise inspections.

In addition, we have started work to certify according to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Besides GLOBALG.A.P. and BAP, Grieg Seafood Shetland operates according to standards that include The British Retail Consortium, Protected Geographic Federation, and Kosher.

Our sales company, Ocean Quality, is certified according to the standard GLOBALG.A.P., Chain of Custody, and ASC Chain of Custody.

We have an ongoing focus on preventive measures in production, implying a.o. ensuring a high standard of hygiene. We strive to keep good hygiene practices in boats, installations and processing plants, based on a.o. knowledge and awareness among our employees. The production is continuously followed up by the local authorities such as the Food Safety Authority, which for instance has inspected and approved the HACCP system of the process plant. Before harvesting the fish, we review a full analysis of each location to assess the levels of environmental pollutants, residual foreign substances and bacteria.

The production management program Fishtalk provides traceability from insertion of roe until the fish are harvested. Fishtalk also provides a complete overview of all feed used and any treatments applied.

Factbox3Our GSF Group Quality Network, holding representatives from all regions, reviews challenges regarding hygiene at our processing plants. Microbiology is the main focus of this group, especially fighting the Listeria monocytogenes. We have also established a joint approach with monthly reporting of Listeria in all regions. Upon detecting Listeria on equipment, end products or at customers, action plans are executed in the form of extra thorough cleaning and modification of equipment.


GSF Group Quality Network will continue work to secure best practices, as well as enabling knowledge sharing and cooperation through further developing and standardising our quality management program. As part of this we strive to develop common approaches to monitoring. In each region, we will facilitate weekly reporting, development of customised action plans, and non-stop efficient processes for impeccable hygiene at our facilities.